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Personal Training

Australian Dietitian has teamed up with personal trainer Justin Freeman. Clients can now benefit from both nutrition and exercise advice, with plans tailored to their specific health and fitness needs.

Justin Freeman

Certificate III & IV in Fitness

Justin is a fully registered exercise professional with Fitness Australia who has been working within the health and fitness industry for the past 8 years. A client-focused trainer, Justin strongly believes in the importance of regular exercise, good nutrition and physical activity in order to lead a healthy balanced lifestyle. With a functional approach to his Personal Training sessions, Justin utilises a range of equipment to both challenge his clients and create variety in their sessions.

Justin specialises in the following exercise-related areas;

  • Outdoor boot camps (12-week challenge)
  • TRX suspension training
  • Boxing
  • Functional and core training
  • Heart disease
  • Weight loss
  • High-intensity interval training