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Publishing and Education

Vital Resources for your Practice

Australian Dietitian is an independent professional organisation that supports dietitians, allied-health professionals and students working in clinical, public health and university settings. Australian Dietitian serves to provide evidence-based clinical nutrition and dietetic resources to the dietetic community and allied-health professionals. In recent years Australian Dietitian has grown to incorporate Australian Publishing and now produces high quality publications, with titles including:

  • Griffith Handbook of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics
  • General Paediatric Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Australian Feeds and Formulae
  • Nutrition and Dietetics Clinical Placement Survival Guide
  • The new app Enteral Nutrition Support, supporting App for the Australian Feeds and Formulae Publication

For dietetic professionals specifically, we provide resources and information that are used every day in dietetic practice. You can access Nutrition and Dietetics texts through Australian Dietitian Store.

Other Services Offered by Australian Dietitian

  • Nutrition and dietetics industry typescripts, editing and publishing
  • Typescripts, editing and publishing for allied health professionals
  • University course-writing/lectures
  • Facilitation of nutrition and health seminars and workshops for conferences, schools and industry
  • Media commentary
  • Food industry consultancies