USC NCPro Cases Semester 2

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The USC Semester 2, 2019 NCPro Online Case Study Package includes access to 4 online case studies.

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The NCPro Online Case Package for University of Sunshine Coast Semester 2, 2019 includes four online case studies.

  1. Chronic Kidney Disease
  2. Home Enteral Nutrition and Malnutrition
  3. Liver Disease
  4. Cirrhosis – EHR (Pilot)

The case studies have been designed to facilitate the acquisition of core knowledge and skills for dietetic practice. They develop both fundamental and complex dietetic skills which can be applied to broader practice. The case studies provide an opportunity to develop clinical reasoning and decision-making within the context of the Nutrition Care Process and Terminology and are an excellent adjunct to any clinical textbook.

Authors: Rowan Stewart and Esther Myers

Download: NCPro Case Summary

Online Virtual Learning Environment
18-month Access


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