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Enteral Nutrition Support

The Ultimate App for Australian Dietitians

Supporting app to Australian Feeds and Formulae reference guide

What this app will do for you:

  • Instantly calculate your patient’s estimated nutrient requirements.
  • Instantly calculate the volume of selected feed your patient requires to meet their requirements.
  • Provide a bolus or continuous enteral feeding regimen
  • Present the nutritional profile and characteristics of over 40 popular standard and specialised enteral products
  • Allow you to compare the nutritional profile of over 40 popular standard and specialised enteral products
  • Store the nutrient profile of your favourite feeds and formulae

This app provides instant calculations for:

  • Schofield, Harris-Benedict and Quick Energy equations
  • Normal patient fibre, carbohydrate, protein, fat and micronutrient requirements in line with the NRVs
  • Patient fluid requirements
  • Nutrition profile per 100mLs of feed and per volume of feed required
  • Feed nutrition profile comparisons
  • Continuous and bolus feeding calculations
  • Popular feeds—if it’s not in the app contact australiandietitian.com and request your feed


With decimal precision and customer support Monday–Friday 9.00am–5.00pm,Enteral Nutrition Support is a vital resource for your practice.


To download, click the link below or search for "Enteral Nutrition Support" in the App Store on your iPhone or iPad