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Elevate your patients daily fibre intake Dietitian-formulated blend of seeds and kernels.

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Fibre supplement for occasional constipation Helps promote and maintain bowel regularity

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Natural Fibre is dietitian-formulated by our very own Rowan Stewart of Australian Dietitian.

Natural Fibre is a natural, organic and unprocessed solution to assist your patient meet their daily dietary fibre target. Unlike ordinary fibre supplements which only provide a single fibre source, Natural Fibre with psyllium combines nine fibre-rich, plant-based ingredients for greater diversity. It is rich in both soluble and insoluble fibre and can be blended, blitzed or baked into meals and snacks for better gut health.

Natural Fibre is indicated for fibre supplementation, occasional constipation and to help promote and maintain bowel regularity. Reassure your patients that it is normal to experience a little gassiness as their bowel becomes accustomed to the new level of fibre intake. This should pass within a week or two.

We believe that Natural Seed Co’s Dietitian-Formulated Natural Fibre Supplement is a breakthrough in digestive health. As professionals dedicated to fostering the well-being of your patients, you understand the vital role that proper nutrition plays in overall health. Our Natural Fibre Supplement, meticulously crafted and backed by scientific expertise, offers a reliable and natural solution to support gut health.

Why Partner with Us?

Becoming a stockist can be a rewarding endeavor on multiple fronts

  • Clinical Excellence: You’ll be offering your patients a high-quality, Dietitian-formulated prebiotic that supports digestive health and promotes regularity. This is an extension of your commitment to their well-being.
  • Additional Income Stream: We understand the challenges of a dietitian’s journey. By partnering with us, you have the opportunity to earn an additional income stream. For every Natural Fibre Supplement you prescribe, you’ll receive $$$.
  • Trusted Collaboration: Join a network of like-minded dietitians who are already benefiting from this partnership. We believe in fostering a community where healthcare professionals can collaborate and share insights.
  • Quality Assurance: Our Natural Fibre Supplement is crafted from 100% Natural, Organic ingredients. It’s an excellent source of dietary fibre and promotes fullness. We also offer a Low-FODMAP option for those with specific dietary needs.

Nutrition Information

How It Works

  • Expression of Interest: Simply email us with your interest in becoming a stockist. Our team will guide you through the process.
  • Product Knowledge: We provide comprehensive information about our Natural Fibre Supplement, empowering you to confidently recommend it to your patients.
  • Ordering Made Easy: Simply email when your stock is low and we will send you more.
  • Margin: For every sale of our Natural Fibre Supplement, you’ll receive the profit margin.

FACTS about Natural Fibre?

  • Unprocessed, 100% natural blend of seeds & kernels
  • 100% organically sourced
  • Excellent source of fibre
  • Containing both Soluble & Insoluble Fibre
  • Promotes regularity
  • Low-FODMAPS option available
  • Helps to prevent gut-related disorders
  • Improves satiety & aids in weight management
  • – Suitable for vegan diet: With >15% of daily intake of iron
  • – >37% of daily calcium intake when combined with cup of soy or almond milk
  • Acts as a prebiotic to support the gut microbiome for health, digestive action and immune function
  • When prescribing Natural Fibre, ensure your client is also meeting their daily fluid requirements to help avoid any uncomfortable symptoms.
  • One 35 g serving will provide your client with 10.9 g of dietary fibre and they should begin to notice the effects of Natural Fibre within 24–48 hours of consumption.
  • Natural Fibre is best combined with a full cup of liquid so, if for example, you suggest your patient use it in a smoothie, advise them to add 1 cup of fluid to every 1–2 dessert spoons of Natural Fibre.
  • The amount of Natural Fibre required to achieve regular, easy laxation varies from person to person. We suggest your clients begin with a dessert spoon each day for a week and increase this weekly until a full serve (35 g) is reached. Natural Fibre affects gut motility but it is not a stimulant laxative, so you can reassure your client it is safe to take every day.

Help Us Achieve Our Vision – Improving Australian’s gut health

  • Providing effective evidence-based health products
  • Creating trust & lasting connections
  • Increase Aussie’s daily fibre intake
  • Reducing our population’s gut discomfort
  • Lowering blood cholesterol levels
  • Promoting regular, soft, daily bowl movements
  • Helping to alleviate IBS, diverticular disease, hemorrhoids
  • Reducing obesity, heart disease, diabetes & inflammation

Recipe Inspiration

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