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Our online environment is a virtual substitute for clinical placement and your continual professional development.
"Real Lives, Real Cases: Dive into Our Online Clinical Cases and Uncover Diverse Stories"

Explore our online clinical cases showcasing real individuals from diverse backgrounds and various conditions, each with their unique stories.


  • True-to-life cases with real patients
  • Insights from medical specialists
  • Weekly online tutorials with reviews of best practice
  • Access to the Student Exam Prep group
  • Tech support for online case users
  • Exam preparation quizzes and activities

Enteral Nutrition Support App

Enteral Nutrition Support informs Dietitians and health care professionals on patient nutrient requirements and the nutrient profile of Australian enteral feeds and formulae.

“The handbook is a highly sought after reference guide because it provides the most up-to-date information on both the art and science of clinical dietetics. A must have on your bookshelf!”

Maree Ferguson

Director , Dietitian Connection

“This book is a universal resource. It incorporates different learning styles and different systems and approaches and so can be used by clinical educators in a variety of contexts and countries. While it is predominantly targeting students, this is not the only group who can benefit from the guided learning process. Anyone unfamiliar with the NCPT can learn from the practical, practice-based approach.”

Sandra Capra

BSc(Hons), Dip Nutr&Diet, MSocSc, PhD, FDAA, Professor of Nutrition, University of Queensland

“The “Nutrition Care Process and Terminology: A Practical Approach” contains resources that help the students gain knowledge and skills in the critical thinking components so important to each NCP step.”

Karen Lacey

MS, RDN, CD, Senior Lecturer Emerita and Former UW-Green Bay Dietetics' Director

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