Introducing Natural Fibre

Your gentle, natural solution for good gut health.

Eat it. Drink it. Your gut will love it.

Natural Fibre is dietitian-formulated by Australian Dietitian’s very own Rowan Stewart.

It contains both soluble and insoluble dibres which promote fabulous, soft, daily bowel motions and prevent gut-related disorders.

Gut health is 100% about taking responsibility for your nutrition choices. The latest medical science reveals the importance of dietary fibre to the health of your gut microbiome. We now know that a thriving gut biome improves your over-all health, immunity, sense of wellbeing and mood.

The team at Natural Seed Co, are all about supporting a happy gut biome and we have developed the Natural Fibre range with gut health in mind.


The Sunshine Coast Gut Clinic is a dietetics practice specialising in all aspects of digestive health. We are constantly trialling fibre products with a dual focus of function and flavour. There are so many useful seeds on the market but our clients were finding it time consuming, expensive and complicated to use combinations of seeds.⠀

A dietitian friend suggested we try the Natural Seed Co’s Natural Fibre blends and they’ve become a staple product sold and recommended in the Clinic. The Psyllium blend is our best seller because of the fantastic results our clients achieve. For regularity and perfect stool formation it’s become an integral part of our dietary strategies in the management of constipation.⠀

It’s food, it’s easy to incorporate into your daily menu and the seeds are delicious. Our focus is on healthy digestion but we have clients using these products for many other purposes too. Heart health, diabetes etc. the fit is perfect for medical nutrition therapy.

Lydia Sutakowsky (APD), Sunshine Coast Gut Clinic

I have been using the Natural Fibre Seed Blend for quite some time now. I have suffered from a very sluggish digestive system nearly all my life and have tried nearly every remedy there is. This is the only product that has really helped me and being a natural product appealed to me rather than taking a harsh medication. It has honestly changed my life.

Jayne Anderson, Toowoomba

The Natural Fibre blend has changed my life. 18 months ago I picked up a bowel infection which left me in hospital for 1 week. It was quite a shock, as I also have a family history of bowel cancer and Consequently have been very diligent over the years with my checkups and regular colonoscopies. I realized I needed to take even more care of myself in that regard. Not being a “breakfast person” I have tended to be very hit and miss, more often, miss in the mornings. However this seed mix is a quick and easy solution, be it in a smoothie, soya milk shake or a sprinkle over fruit and yogurt I have found it to be a very simple and convenient solution. Not living permanently in Australia and not finding the same thing here in the Middle East, I stock up and bring it back with me along with the vegemite every trip. I can’t do without and can’t recommend it too highly!

Leoni Pichler, Dubai

Since consuming Natural Fibre Seed Blend every morning for breakfast, my IBS symptoms have improved considerably. And the seeds are yummy!! Thank you Rowie!


For years, in fact, since childhood I have battled with constipation. During three pregnancies, periods of stress and finally menopause the symptoms always worsened. I tried the various powdered fibre supplements – none really worked. I also took laxatives which I didn’t enjoy.
And then … I started using Natural Fibre with Psyllium and it literally changed my life. I now have a satisfying, easy, bowel motion each day. It’s such a relief. Keep up the great work Natural Seed Co.


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