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Our Story

Natural Fibre

Natural Seed Co. was established by dietitian, Rowan Stewart to help the nation get on top of their gut health. 

Natural Fibre began five years ago in Rowan’s private practice. She saw a significant number of patients suffering with gut-related health conditions. Rowan knew that by creating a prebiotic product with the right fibre content she could help her patients… and she did just that.

Natural Fibre works to promote regular bowel movements and great gut health.

Natural Fibre Seed Blend with Psyllium

Key Features

  • 100% natural
  • No added sugars or preservatives
  • Dairy, wheat and nut free
  • Vegan friendly
100% Australian Made and Owned
5 Health Star Rating

Recipes for a happy gut

Sprinkle, Blend, Bake and Blitz

Natural Fibre can be easily incorporated into your daily routine. Simply blitz into a smoothie or bake into a sweet treat – whatever your taste buds desire! Discover the Natural Fibre recipes or create your own.


What People are Saying

“Amazing product!!!”

We have it for brekky every morning. Love it.”


“Absolutely love!”

So helpful after I had my appendix out. Made a huge difference and so much more comfortable while I was recovering. “



Seriously great sh!ts. This product really does what it says and more.


“Changed my life”

As someone who regularly suffers from constipation I can’t recommend this product enough. Natural Fibre with Psyllium is definitely my go-to fibre supplement!


Gut-loving products

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Natural Fibre Original Seed Blend

Your prebiotic seed blend for gut health and wellbeing.

Natural Fibre Seed Blend with Psyllium

Natural Fibre Seed Blend with Psyllium

Your prebiotic fibre supplement for digestive health and regularity.

Natural Fibre Seed Blend with Psyllium

Natural Fibre Seed Blend with Fruit

Your prebiotic seed blend with figs, currants and sultanas for energy.

Natural Fibre Seed Blend with Oats

Natural Fibre Seed Blend with Oats

Your prebiotic oat and seed blend for heart health.


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