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Introducing the Nutrition Care Pro
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Nutrition Care Pro is a proven online learning system for dietetic students.

NCPro Resources

The Nutrition Care Process and Terminology: A Practical Approach Textbook and Virtual Learning Environment provide everything you need to practice real-life clinical dietetics. NCPro case studies are designed to facilitate the acquisition of core knowledge
and skills so you reach competency fast. 

NCPro Case Studies Include:

  • Adult Weight Management highlights patient assessment, diet analysis, body-weight calculations, energy and protein requirement assessment and more
  • Hypertension addresses the impact of nutrition on blood pressure
  • Type 2 Diabetes introduces the significance of carbohydrate intake, types of carbohydrate, exchanges, distribution and meal planning
  • Malnutrition & Cancer highlights patient screening and assessment, competing nutritional issues, the importance of previous dietary intervention and prioritizing these interventions
  • Pediatric Weight Management introduces pediatric growth assessment, energy equations and a detailed overview of the related themes highlighted in the adult weight management case study and their suitability for children
  • Online Case — Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Online Case — Diverticular Disease
  • Online Case — Home Enteral Nutrition & Malnutrition
  • Online Case Cystic Fibrosis
  • Online Case — Coeliac Disease

Join the NCPro Webinars

Connect with author, Rowan Stewart for a series of online webinars featuring the NCPro cases and VLE

It is evidence-based and universal, being able to be applied wherever dietetics practitioners, students and educators are working to implement the NCPT. It is also easy to follow, is student friendly and leads the reader in a logical way through each case.

Sandra Kapra

BSc(Hons), Dip Nutr&Diet, MSocSc, PhD, FDAA

Support-Based Learning

Students are encouraged to read, learn and reflect on the guidelines to advance the key concept that information is constantly changing and knowledge must be kept up-to-date. Students are supported throughout the process by a Website Virtual Learning Environment which provides downloadable student assignments, videos of patients as they respond to dietitian’s questions and helpful case studies.

Handbook of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics

Australian Dietitian’s most popular reference guide, providing the most up-to-date information on
both the art and science of clinical dietetics.

6th Edition

The Handbook of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, 6th Edition by Rowan Stewart is a valued text for students & experienced practitioners alike. The 2020 edition has a fresh new format with each page highlighting information essential to dietetic practice.

The Handbook of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics Consists of:

  • Nutrient Reference Values
  • Energy and Macronutrients
  • Food Composition Tables
  • Anthropometry
  • Biochemical Data/Medical Tests/Procedures
  • Medications and Interactions
  • The Nutrition Care Process
  • Medical Nutritional Therapy
    • Cardiac and Pulmonary Diseases
    • Obesity, Eating Disorders and Refeeding Syndrome
    • Food Hypersensitivity
    • Gastrointestinal Tract Disorders
    • Kidney Disease
  • Texture Modification
  • Nutrition Support
  • Paediatric Essentials
  • Sports Nutrition

    The Handbook is a highly sought reference guide because it provides the most
    up-to-date information on both the art and science of clinical dietetics.

    A must have on your bookshelf!

    Maree Ferguson

    MBA, PhD, AdvAPD, RD

    The Handbook of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics has become an integral part of my learning as a dietetics student. It organises and explains everything you need to know as a dietitian, including clinical notes and application. The Handbook is a go-to for everything nutrition and dietetics related.


    Student, USC

    Introducing the Ultimate App for Dietitians

    Australian Dietitian’s Enteral Nutrition Support App


    • Instantly calculates patient’s estimated nutrient requirements
    • Instantly calculates the volume of selected feed your patient requires to meet their requirements
    • Provides a bolus or continuous enteral feeding regimen
    • Presents the nutritional profile and characteristics of over 40 popular standard and specialised enteral products
    • Allows you to compare the nutritional profile of over 40 popular standard and specialised enteral products


    • Decimal precision
    • Easy-to-access nutrient profiles
    • Popular feeds—if it’s not in the
      app contact us and request your feed
    • Customise NG regimens by selecting duration of feed
    • Customer support Monday–Friday
      [email protected]

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