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Terms and Conditions for International Orders

Import Fees

The items in your order are sold directly by Australian Dietitian.com. Certain orders for international shipment may be subject to taxes, customs duties and fees levied by the destination country. These are termed “Import Fees”. The recipient of goods is the importer in the destination country and is responsible for all such Import Fees.

For each item you order and have imported where import fees are applicable, you authorise Australian Dietitian to select a carrier to act as your transport agent with the relevant customs and tax authorities in the destination country. That transport agent will clear your merchandise and process your import fees for ordered items. By placing your order you agree to permit Australian Dietitian to collect the import fees deposit for the applicable items. The deposit is applied, on your behalf, to reimburse the carriers of your items. A refund will be issued if the import fees are less than expected.

Contact the designated carrier of your goods for specific information about import fees and their payments.

Your Security and Privacy

At Australian Dietitian, we're committed to making your online shopping experience the best it can be. Part of that commitment is providing you with a secure shopping environment to keep your valuable personal information and financial details safe, wherever and however you choose to use Australian Dietitian. One of our security measures is SSL encryption technology, where any communication from your computer to Australian Dietitian is encrypted to ensure the confidentiality of the data sent. This adds an extra level of security to your transactions.

The information your provide Australian Dietitian will not be passed onto other parties in any circumstance without your consent. Your details will remain confidential and only the Australian Dietitian staff will have access to your information.

Our Dedicated Staff

Australian Dietitian is constantly reviewed to ensure integrity, availability and security. Dedicated system support and IT staff monitor internet threats and regularly test the service to ensure it remains secure. We are available 7 days a week from 8.30-6.30 Eastern Standard Time to answer your queries.


You will receive a confirmation email on receipt of your order. We aim to process your order within 2 working days. Estimated delivery times depend on your choice of Carrier as well as distance travelled. Small orders within Australia are sent by Australia Post Express Post or Standards Mail. Bulk orders are delivered by TNT. International orders are delivered by DHL.

If you require tracking, insurance or express delivery, please contact admin. us information.

We package your books so they are protected in in transit. Occassionally books are damaged. If this occurs please see an Australia Post representative about the delivery.

For Health Professionals

The Australian Dietitian Website, Paediatric Nutrition and Dietetics and the Griffith Handbook of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics provide information to the dietetic community. The editor, authors, contributors and reviewers of the texts have endeavoured to provide accurate and up-to-date information, however, it is recommended that judicious professional assessment be applied when using these resources. Australian Dietitian accepts no responsibility for omissions or inaccuracies in the content, nor the clinical decisions made by health professionals applying the information in this text. Users are advised to confirm that the information here complies with recent changes in evidence and protocol. Medical reference ranges vary between hospitals and clinical practices. It is advised that clinicians follow the protocol at their locality.

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