Tool Kit + Online Case

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This Online MNT Case Package includes access to:

1 Case Study (online)
+  Tool Kit (Hard Copy) Includes Detailed Diabetic Exchange Lists
+  Introduction (online)
+  Complementary Webinars with Author, Rowan Stewart

This package includes Printed Tool Kit + 1 online clinical case. 

Authors: Rowan Stewart, Angela Vivanti and Esther Myers Nutrition Care Professionals Online Virtual Learning Environment 18 Month Access

About the Online Case Studies

The style of this publication and the information it contains are unique. Using a case-study approach, we offer students, practitioners and clinicians the opportunity to analyze the circumstances of the case as described by the patient and then draw on the evidence base to treat the condition. In the course of that process, we introduce the new dietetic tools and concepts needed to treat the case, showing how they take effect. The case studies have been designed to facilitate the acquisition of core knowledge and skills for dietetic practice. They develop both fundamental and complex dietetic skills which can be applied to broader practice. As well, they build in complexity and allow users to develop their knowledge and skills progressively. The case studies provide an opportunity to develop clinical reasoning and decision-making within the context of the Nutrition Care Process and Terminology and are an excellent adjunct to any clinical text book. On the cases completion the user discovers they have acquired the ability to apply a range of complex skills to dietetic practice. The Nutrition Care Process (NCP) is a systematic, science based approach to providing nutrition care that also takes account of the patient’s needs and values. This text emphasizes the Ready Reckoner form in the text and includes both standard and metric measures.  Using the NCP model, clinicians have developed more than 60 nutrition diagnoses, more than 70 terms to describe nutrition interventions, and in excess of 170 nutrition indicators for assessing, monitoring and evaluating nutrition status of individuals or groups of individuals.

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Adult Weight Management, Hypertension, Type 2 Diabetes, Malnutrition and Cancer, Paediatric Weight Management, Chronic Kidney Disease, Diverticular Disease, Cystic Fibrosis, Home Enteral Nutrition, Coeliac Disease, E.H.R. Cirrhosis (Inpatient), Liver Disease (Outpatient), Coronary Heart Disease, Palliative Care