Handbook of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics

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6th Edition

The Handbook of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, 6th Edition by Rowan Stewart is a valued text for students & experienced practitioners alike.

The latest 2020 edition has a new format highlighting information essential to dietetic practice.

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NCPT Student Book

The Nutrition Care Process and Terminology: A Practical Approach features five clinical case studies:

  1. Adult Weight Management
  2. Hypertension
  3. Type 2 Diabetes
  4. Malnutrition and Oncology
  5. Paediatric Weight Management

In addition to your printed textbook you will also receive:

  • Companion NCPro Tool Kit
  • 18-months Access to 5 NCPro Online Case Studies


The Handbook of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics is a valued text for students & experienced practitioners alike. The 6th edition combines information on the Nutrition Care Process & Terminology with the latest on dietetic protocols & procedures.

Many of the refinements and improvements in the 6th Edition have been made in response to feedback from the students, academics and clinicians who use the book on a regular basis. This edition incorporates the nutrition care process (NCP) framework for dietetic practice to ensure readers are up to date with this challenging professional doctrine.

All 12 chapters have been thoroughly reviewed with the NCP in mind.
One of the most interesting updates is the application of the NCP pathway to the clinical conditions covered in Chapter 8, Medical Nutrition Therapy. The well-used clinical tools remain in the Handbook and have been updated to reflect new material from major nutrition and medical journals, textbooks and systematic reviews. We hope this new format will assist you in your clinical work and in navigating the nutrition care process.

Editor: Rowan Stewart

ISBN: 9780648588788

Format: Spiral Bound

Pages: 352

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The Handbook of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics has become an integral part of my learning as a dietetics student. It organizes and explains everything you need to know as a dietitian, including clinical notes and application. The Handbook is a go-to for everything nutrition and dietetics related.


Student, University of the Sunshine Coast