NCPro Online Case 13: Public Health Weight Management

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Nutrition Care Professionals Online Case 13 – Public Health Weight Management

Case 13 addresses weight management in the context of the Lynn County, USA community.


The NCPro Public Health Case 13 addresses weight management in the context of the Lynn County community where Mr Robertson lives. Mr Robertson is a 65-year-old man whose family doctor is concerned about his recent weight gain. He is referred to a dietitian to provide individual medical nutrition therapy for weight management (See Case 1: AWM).
Meanwhile, at a community level, the public health/community nutrition professionals have been tasked to address the overweight/obesity prevalence in Lynn County, USA.

Online access includes:

  • A comprehensive introduction to the nutrition care process
  • Case 13: Public Health Weight Management including; perspective (literature review), mind maps, hyperlinked resource lists, detailed Lynn County community history and 8 activities
  • Online NCPro Tool Kit including frequently used assessment and analysis tools


After completing this case, users will be able to:

  1. Describe how to determine the prevalence of overweight and obesity in a community
  2. Describe associated risks and risk factors
  3. Assess community factors associated with overweight and obesity
  4. Select Nutrition Diagnoses and create PES Statements for communities with a high prevalence of overweight/obesity
  5. Select Nutrition Interventions for a population or community to reduce overweight/obesity
  6. Develop a Monitoring and Evaluation Plan for a community to monitor changes in rates of overweight/obesity

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Authors: Rowan Stewart and Esther Myers

Online Virtual Learning Environment
18-Month Access

Download: NCPro Public Health Case Study Summary




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