NCPro Online Case 6: Chronic Kidney Disease

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Nutrition Care Professionals Online Virtual Learning Environment Chronic Kidney Disease Case 6.

Case 6 addresses chronic kidney disease in the context of Mei Ling, a 56-year-old female with chronic kidney disease (stage 4).


The NCPro Virtual Learning Environment provides a unique platform for teaching the Nutrition Care Process and Terminology. With the capacity to promote standardised implementation of the NCP, this resource empowers clinical educators to teach and dietetics students to learn the NCPT.

Your online case study includes access to:

  • Introduction
  • Case 6: Chronic Kidney Disease including; perspectives, mind maps, resource lists,
    Mei Ling’s story and diet history, video clips + activities
  • Online NCPro Tool Kit


After completing this case study, users will be able to:

  1. Gather and assess food and nutrition history specific to the development and treatment of chronic kidney disease (Stage 3-4)
  2. Estimate, sodium, potassium and phosphorus intake
  3. Identify the key parameters needed to assess the nutritional status of a patient with chronic kidney disease (Stage 3-4)
  4. Cluster Nutrition Assessment data to identify the Nutrition Diagnosis, Etiologies and Signs and Symptoms
  5. Select Nutrition Interventions for a patient with chronic kidney disease (Stage 3-4)
  6. Develop a Monitoring and Evaluating Plan for the patient with chronic kidney disease


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Authors: Rowan Stewart, Angela Vivanti and Esther Myers

ISBN: 978-0-9942885-2-3
Online Virtual Learning Environment
18 Month Access

Download: Chronic Kidney Disease Case Study Summary

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