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Australian Dietitian provides dietitians in clinical, public health and university settings with innovative, vital, evidence-based textbooks and digital resources. 

Introduction to NCPro Virtual Learning Environment



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Introducing the Nutrition Care Pro
Online Learning System

Nutrition Care Pro is a proven online learning system for dietetic students.

NCPro Resources

NCPro’s online case studies are designed to facilitate the acquisition of core knowledge and skills so you reach competency fast. 

The Nutrition Care Process and Terminology: A Practical Approach Textbook and Virtual Learning Environment provide everything you need to practice real-life clinical dietetics. 

    Support-Based Learning

    Students are encouraged to read, learn and reflect on the guidelines to advance the key concept that information is constantly changing and knowledge must be kept up-to-date. Students are supported throughout the process by a Website Virtual Learning Environment which provides downloadable student assignments, videos of patients as they respond to dietitian’s questions and helpful case studies.

    It is evidence-based and universal, being able to be applied wherever dietetics practitioners, students and educators are working to implement the NCPT. It is also easy to follow, is student friendly and leads the reader in a logical way through each case.

    Sandra Kapra

    BSc(Hons), Dip Nutr&Diet, MSocSc, PhD, FDAA