Handbook of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics

Sixth Edition

Rowan Stewart (APD)

The Handbook of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, 6th Edition by Rowan Stewart is a valued text for students & experienced practitioners alike. The 2020 edition has a fresh new format with each page highlighting information essential to dietetic practice.

Important Changes to Your Printed Book

Australian Dietitian wish to advise the following corrections to the 6th Edition Handbook of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics.

 We appreciate you applying these changes to your printed text.

Page 21:

In adults 65 y/o who are overweight/obese, adjusted body weight is routinely calculated with weight at BMI 25 kg/m2.

For adults 65 y/o it may be appropriate to use weight at BMI 24 to 30 kg/m2.

Page 143:

DASH recommends the lower-sodium (1 500 mg), 2 000 kcal/day eating pattern for
patients with hypertension, diabetes, CKD, those ≥51 years and people of African descent.

Page 217:

A2 Albuminuria Range: 30–300 mg/g ; 3–30 mg/mmol

A3 Albuminuria Range: >300 mg/g ; >30 mg/mmol

Chapter 4 Section Divider:

Conversion Factors sub-headings should read
Length”, followed by “Weight

Handbook Resources

These resources have been provided for your personal use. Download and utilise for study clinical practice.

Diet Record Template

Diet record template for protein, fat and energy nutrition analysis.

Food and Fluid Consumption Chart

Food and fluid consumption record template.

Meal Planner Template

Seven day meal planner template with energy and fibre.

Web Links

This page contains links to nutrition and dietetics web sites which may be useful practicing dietitians, students and lecturers.

Journals and Databases

This page contains links to journals and databases which may be useful for practicing dietitians, students and lecturers.


The Handbook is a highly sought reference guide because it provides the most up-to-date information on both the art and science of clinical dietetics.
A must have on your bookshelf!

– Maree Ferguson

Introducing the Nutrition Care Professionals

The 6th Editions Medical Nutrition Therapy chapter is linked to online cases which provide realistic clinical learning experiences for students and CPE points for practitioners.

NCPro Resources

The Nutrition Care Process and Terminology: A Practical Approach Textbook and Virtual Learning Environment provide a unique platform for teaching and learning about this important paradigm. With the capacity to reinforce and promote standardised implementation of the NCP, this resource has transformed the way clinical educators teach and dietetic students learn this subject area.

The case studies have been designed to facilitate the acquisition of core knowledge and skills for dietetic practice. They develop both fundamental and complex dietetic skills which can be applied to broader practice.

NCPro Case Studies Include:

  • Adult Weight Management highlights patient assessment, diet analysis, body-weight calculations, energy and protein requirement assessment and more
  • Hypertension addresses the impact of nutrition on blood pressure
  • Type 2 Diabetes introduces the significance of carbohydrate intake, types of carbohydrate, exchanges, distribution and meal planning
  • Malnutrition & Cancer highlights patient screening and assessment, competing nutritional issues, the importance of previous dietary intervention and prioritizing these interventions
  • Paediatric Weight Management introduces pediatric growth assessment, energy equations and a detailed overview of the related themes highlighted in the adult weight management case study and their suitability for children
  • Online Case — Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Online Case — Diverticular Disease
  • Online Case — Home Enteral Nutrition & Malnutrition
  • Online Case — Cystic Fibrosis
  • Online Case — Coeliac Disease

Internationally, we need to recognize how the dietetics profession is changing and growing. This book is a universal resource. It incorporates different learning styles and different systems and approaches and so can be used by clinical educators in a variety of contexts and countries.

Sandra Kapra

BSc(Hons), Dip Nutr&Diet, MSocSc, PhD, FDAA

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